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UPDATED 9/18/14:

Please read this completely. There’s a lot of info here and we really work hard to give you the best prices, the best info, and take care of our buyers!


Items ship from Poway, CA (San Diego area) generally within 2 days of the order being placed, but often within 24 hours or even same day. In certain cases, orders with TWINE OR VINYL might be delayed as much as 5 days (not always, but sometimes). Most orders will be shipped by the US Postal System as it is the cheapest option. International shipping is being worked on. 

We are still fine tuning our shipping, so if you ordered something before and the shipping has changed since then, that is why. 

Currently, we ship to the US, Canada, and, a few European countries.

US Shipping:

Want just a couple of stickers or 1 package of 15 yards of twine? We have a postage stamp option that will keep the shipping as low as $2.50.


San Diego County:

If you are in San Diego County and want to pick up your order, let us know!! Just email us what you want and we'll confirm when we have it ready for you. If you want to still pay via PayPal, that can be done!

Do you live in a country not listed here but you want to order?

Send us an email with your order (or fill a basket and tell us the total so we can identify it) and your complete mailing address. We can tell you how much the shipping would be and take payment directly through PayPal.

If the system totally messed up and way overcharged you...

If the system has overcharged you by $3 or more, we will give you a refund!! That’s right!! If we can ship cheaper at the same method (First Class vs. Priority, etc), we’ll give you a partial refund! (We only credit in round dollar amounts). International shipping and shipping with tubes in the order will be the most likely to be affected.


Currently, shipping starts at:

US: $2.50 (First Class Mail) and $5.05 (Priority Flat Rate Envelope)

Canada: $11.00 (First Class Mail) and $19.95 (Priority Flat Rate Envelope)

Australia: $12.00 (First Class Mail) and $23.95 (Priority Flat Rate Envelope)

France: $12.00 (First Class Mail) and $23.95 (Priority Flat Rate Envelope)

We are working at lowering shipping though! We have recently partnered with a shipping integrator to help eliminate shipping errors and lower shipping costs.  If you need just one or two stickers mailed to the UK, we have recently found that we can mail via First Class Mail for as low as $6!


International orders:

• Remember - not everything can fit into a Flat Rate envelope. International Shipping in a box jumps up considerably (Ie: Tubes, DIY kits, etc).
• If you want to order tubes, you will probably be overcharged for shipping. If that is the case, like we said above, if the difference is more than $3, we will give you a partial refund.


Do you think that the shipping is calculating too high:

Fill your cart, proceed to checkout and login or create an account, try to get shipping, and then email us at or start a CRM with your name and the total that you got (including shipping). This will help us to identify your exact order and see if we can lower the shipping!! We *LOVE* doing this!!! It’s so fun to be able to tell a customer, “Hey! I can save you $5 in shipping!” Hey – it doesn’t always work, but sometimes!!