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Recent Updates

• Oct/Nov 2015 - Have you noticed? We've been working to reload all of our thumbnail images to be larger. PHEW! What a ton of work, but now, many thumbnail images are easier to see without clicking into the item. Travel is DONE! (along with many others)

• 10/14/15 - Sorry that I don't update this more often!! Recent changes are below. 

- I'm working (slowly) on enlarging the small images of items so that they are easier to see without clicking into each one.

 - We are contemplating bringing in a little of the new 12"x12" patterned vinyl. Put your name on the wist list for the style/color(s) you want. The most popular will be considered for ordering and you will be automatically notified when they come in.

 - However, we have stopped adding the 12"x24" vinyl to the store. Sales are not strong enough and shipping is expensive. We will be closing it out. It is still available from SRM - just not here on the retail store.

 - Reviewing items - help us know what you think by reviewing the items you purchase. We share this info with SRM so your feedback is important to helping to develop new items!

 - SRM has announced that they will be increasing prices on the super popular tubes!! Since SRM came out with them 6 years ago, they have held their prices while costs went up and up. We will hold our price as long as possible but SHOP NOW!

 - The SRMStore will also stop carrying the DIY Kits. While these are very popular in stores, they are too expensive to ship. The remaining ones are on clearance.

 - Some new products and certain out of stock items are only reordered when there is interest. If you want something and we are out of it, PLEASE add your name to the wait list for that item so that we know that there is interest. If/when we bring it in, you will be automatically emailed that the item is in!

 - SRM has announced that they will be bringing back a few of their stickers that they had previously discontinued. Is there something that you want them to bring back? Let us know! We'll share that info with them!

 - We also need to overhaul the glassine, kraft, linen, and other bags - we've found that items are missing, or images are wrong, etc. We are working on that also.

If you ever see something wrong, PLEASE let us know!

• 9/10/14 - We will be adding 4 new colors of vinyl to the store next week! All will be the matte/removable (indoors) 12"x24" sheets. The colors are Ice Blue, Soft Pink, Lavender, and Dark Violet.

• 8/31/14 - we changed a setting. Now - the top sellers when you are at "Home" will be for the entire site, but if you are in a category, you will see the top sellers for JUST that category! HTH!

• 8/24/14 - We've done lots of updates, but forgotten to mention them!! There are a few new colors of vinyl added. There are (FINALLY) pictures of the heat transfer colors. There are new patterns of embossed kraft and glassine bags. More discontinued items are online now.  We've put a few items on sale. 12x12 calendars are currently out of stock but will be back in stock in a few weeks.

• 6/16/14 - We're cleaning out the warehouse and have added a BUNCH of items to discontinued. Hurry!! Supplies are limited!

• 6/1/14 - a custom, wafer thin die has been added to the site which coordinates with the decorative calendar sticker #48016. This die is currently exclusive to the and Cool Scrapbook Stuff in Poway, CA.

• 5/19/14 - the new SRM items from their May release are mostly on the site. More vinyl and heat transfer colors will be added.

•  5/7/14 - the 2015 mini calendar stickers are now available on the store. The big reveal of SRM's Spring Release begins 5/19! Stay tuned!!

• 3/22/14 - JUST ADDED!! GIFT CARDS!!! You can now have your sweetie or your bestie buy you a gift card to the SRM Store!!! We have 3 increments available: $10, $25, and $100, but you can combine cards to get any $5 increment $20 and above! (Ie: 4 - $10 gift cards is $40). NO EXPIRATION DATE!

• 2/26/14-3dCart has announced there will be maintenance on the system on 3/18/14 from 3am to 7am Eastern and our cart will be inaccessible for about 1 hour.

• 2/21/14-The new DIY Kits by SRM are on the website.

• 1/21/14 - Wow!!! I thought I had updated you guys more recently!!! Just know that we update this site regularly. And, if there is something that you want that the site says we are out of or don't have enough, PLEASE drop us a note!!! We will scour the SRM warehouse and see if we can find you some!! We can't promise anything, but we will certainly try!

• 1/9/14 - Many Vinyl options are now on the site. Please note that they will possibly delay your order about 5 days while we get them into stock. Yes, there are WAY more colors than we have represented here, and we will be adding them gradually throughout the year.


• 1/2/14 **Updated**-SRM has revealed their newest products being released. All are on this site and available EXCEPT for the vinyl. Six of the glitter vinyls and 15 of the glossy vinyls are currently active. More will be added soon. Note that vinyl takes an extra few days (3 or so) to ship, so it will hold up your order a couple of days.

• 1/1/14-We've added a new "Category" called "ON SALE" where you can, in one screen, see all of the discounted products. Note: not all discontinued items are discounted.

• 12/24/13-SRM has notified us of several popular stickers that they are sold out of and will not be reprinting. We have updated our quantities to be only what we have here in the store, but we will see if there are a few more lying around. So, if there is a sticker that you need and the quantity isn't high enough for what you want, shoot us an email at: and we'll check to see if we can get ahold of more. Styles include: 48012, 40060, 40070, 40051, 40072, 47004, 47005, 40019, 04006, 40079.

Ones that are discontinued and gone include #40063 Senior and #47001 Have a Ball/Baseball.

• 12/22/13 - We are getting ready to add the new products to the website!!! We will be doing a daily reveal all next week.

• 12/12/13 - We found that "Year of Memories/2012" was accidentally omitted from the website. It has now been added and is available for order. 

• 12/8/13-The pencil sentiments are now on the website! 

• 12/8/13-We added a "postage stamp" option. Now, if you are just buying one or two items and they are light enough, we will use a padded or protected envelope and postage will start at $2.50 (US Only). You can read more about shipping on the Shipping tab at the bottom. 

• 12/8/13-we added shipping to Australia and France. Tube shipping internationally will automatically result in an overcharge of between $2 and $5. We can include product at no additional cost to compensate or provide you with a partial refund. 

• 12/1/13-The 2014 mini calendar stickers (#48011 and #48012) are now discontinued. We have some left, but not many. If you want some, please buy today. Quantities are limited.